Yesterday, my first drumming teacher, Mamadou Kone, passed away. I'm very grateful to him for revealing the Joy of Drumming to me and many others. He was such a generous and profound soul... Rest in peace.

We were playing Kuku for the first time, and people got so excited that we decided to play it for our Russian community on their anniversary the next day. I have added a simplest introduction from the original video that I posted earlier, and it made for a nice "performance" :) 
Recently, I have discovered an amazing African dance class in Redwood City. The class is taught by extremely energetic & open native African woman, and it has real live Djembe & Dundun drumming as accompaniment! For those of you who enjoy dancing, check this out, it's real fun! But be prepared, because it's a serious workout too :)
I hope one day we'll have dancers in our group too, to bring drumming & dancing together to the fruition!

West African Dance Classes with Renee Puckett

Every Thursday, 7:30 pm
Community Street Jam 
849 Veterans Blvd, Redwood City
(510) 677-2333, (650) 261-9188
As I promised, I have put a class schedule on the website, you can check it here: Schedule. Look it up upfront so you can come prepared. This will really help the class move forward!
For each date, two rhythms are listed: we will focus on the first, and review the second if we have time. I will do my best to keep the schedule up to date, so check often! 
Finally, I have posted two new rhythms to our Learning page: 
So now you have no excuses for not doing your homework anymore :)
If you have any comments/suggestions on how to improve these or anything else that would help your individual practice, make sure to let me know!
In view of oncoming rainy season, I am moving the class back to my house, near El Dorado at Bryant street in Palo Alto. We'll always have a choice to play outside on the backyard or move inside if the weather is not so comfortable (and maybe have some tea :).
The exact address (for those who doesn't know) is available by mailing at pasha@drummingfun.com or calling (408) 598-6305.
See you there on next Saturday, October 13!
We decided to try to move to the Mitchell Park for our Saturday class. First, this place is much more open and more easily accessible than my backyard, and second there is more chance to find shadow that fits us all :)
I hope we can have this spot before somebody else gets it.
So, next Saturday, October 6, see you at Mitchell Park Library recreational area (a concrete paved circle) at 11 am!
Finally, the website of our class is up and running! Check out videos for our first rhythm Djansa on the Learning page!