In view of oncoming rainy season, I am moving the class back to my house, near El Dorado at Bryant street in Palo Alto. We'll always have a choice to play outside on the backyard or move inside if the weather is not so comfortable (and maybe have some tea :).
The exact address (for those who doesn't know) is available by mailing at or calling (408) 598-6305.
See you there on next Saturday, October 13!


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05/17/2017 2:13am

Some risks are really worth taking. There's probably a good reason why you came back to your house again. To be honest, it's nice to work at your own home. You'll always feel comfortable and relaxed all the time. I bet you're loving the vibes that you're getting now. I hope you enjoy coming back to your own house. Best of luck to your drumming class!

04/19/2016 3:41am

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02/13/2017 12:05am

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Good performance is so excited to see your blogs and videos.Drumming is a form of music and liked by the people, especially by the natives. Wonderful performance by your group. Thanks for sharing it.

05/24/2017 11:18pm

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05/25/2017 11:34pm

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