Recently, I have discovered an amazing African dance class in Redwood City. The class is taught by extremely energetic & open native African woman, and it has real live Djembe & Dundun drumming as accompaniment! For those of you who enjoy dancing, check this out, it's real fun! But be prepared, because it's a serious workout too :)
I hope one day we'll have dancers in our group too, to bring drumming & dancing together to the fruition!

West African Dance Classes with Renee Puckett

Every Thursday, 7:30 pm
Community Street Jam 
849 Veterans Blvd, Redwood City
(510) 677-2333, (650) 261-9188


Jennifer Taylor
04/26/2014 12:47pm

I'm interested in African Dance Classes.

04/26/2014 3:59pm

Hi Jennifer,

Unfortunately, Renee moved to Oakland and doesn't have Redwood City class anymore.
Please check this post for more information about Bay Area dance classes:

07/07/2017 8:19am

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07/13/2016 12:42am

Hello there I just wanted to say that I enjoyed my visit to your website and to wish you all the best with it as it progresses - Kenley Flamenca


Do you still drumming?)

11/08/2016 5:23am

I would like to visit this dance class next time. Is it possible?

01/02/2017 11:09pm

The class is designed to teach extremely energetic & open native African woman dancing on drumming and other musical instruments. it's really a fun time in these classes!

02/01/2017 1:00am

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