Hi! We have two new rhythms in the Learning section: Kuku and Marakadon.
Also, check out this short video playing Marakadon in class below. Only the brave :)
Congratulations! Now we have a complete Dundun set for our classes & jams! Check out this video from our first take on them:
Thanks for everyone who came to the class, you did a great job!
Yesterday, my first drumming teacher, Mamadou Kone, passed away. I'm very grateful to him for revealing the Joy of Drumming to me and many others. He was such a generous and profound soul... Rest in peace.

We were playing Kuku for the first time, and people got so excited that we decided to play it for our Russian community on their anniversary the next day. I have added a simplest introduction from the original video that I posted earlier, and it made for a nice "performance" :)