I'm happy to remind you that winter holidays are over (for most of us), and we continue the class at increasing pace! We have a pretty tight schedule leading to a performance at a spring time Russian House "Kedry" fest, on March, 17th, in Sanborn Park (Saratoga) (you can check the details here: http://kedry.org. Thanks to our Russian friends again for hospitality!) So don't miss your chance to take part in the performance!

Also, we're expanding our Learning section with Dundun parts for all five rhythms. This is so called "Ballet Style" arrangement (in our case, simplified) when all three Dundun drums are played by a single person. For those of you who wants to play as a Dundun player, please arrange for individual lessons, because we don't normally learn these in class.

Check a short video below from our latest class featuring Mendiani and Kuku rhythms played with Dunduns. A whole different story!